Monthly Archives: April 2016

Congratulations to Jean-Victor!

The SGCM offers its congratulations to Jean-Victor Paris-Laflamme, 14 years old, from Daniel Langlois’ class in Beauceville.

During the regional finals of the Canadian Music Competition (Quebec Region), on April 4th 2016 at Québec’s music conservatory, Jean-Victor performed and obtained a note of 87%. He qualified to the provincial finals that will be held in Montréal on May 2016.

During the regional finals, Jean-Victor presented

  • Study n. 2, op. 60 of Mattéo Carcassi
  • Prelude n. 1 in Mi minor of Heitor Villa-Lobos

The judges were  :

  • Mme Lorraine Prieur, pianist
  • Mme Murielle Bruneau, contrabassist


Congratulations Jean-Victor!