(Français) Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire

During this extraordinary meeting, we will mainly discuss the dissolution of the SGCM following the resignation of its artistic director, Mr. Claude McKinnon.

Tuesday, the 5th of October 2021 at 7PM

 at the Centre communautaire et culturel de Charlesbourg

7575, boul. Henri Bourassa, salle RC 07

Ordre du jour

Concours de musique de la Capitale / Results

Yassine El Ouekdi 9 ans / class of Claude McKinnon

Preliminary trial (virtual) / April 1st to April 15th
Instrumental Section, 9 to 11 years old
Yassine obtained a note of 92.3 % and is accepted into the finals.
Presented pieces: Écossaise by Mauro Giuliani and Souvenir by Claude McKinnon

Finals /  May 15, 2021 / Palais Montcalm in webdifusion
Coupe St-Germain-Instrumental, 9 à 11 ans, classe régulière (4 finalistes)
Yassine obtained a 3rd place, with a note of 84.3%, and won 150.00$.
Presented pieces: Souvenir, by Claude McKinnon

Congratulations Yassine!

Participation of our members to music festivals or competitions in 2021

We wish best of luck to all of our contestants!


The 2021 edition will be a virtual edition. The evaluation period is between May 3 and 6, 2021. Results will be anounced May 15, 2021.

The class of Daniel Langlois from Beauceville will participate in the competitive track – “private” category. The students are:

  • Heidi Morin, 12 ans
    • Le cirque de Claude McKinnon
    • Flocons de neige de Frédéric Costantino
  • Métis Couture, 13 ans
    • Stadaconné (extrait de Limoilou) de Claude McKinnon
    • Sounds of Bells de Joao Guimaraes (1883-1947)
  • Eden Couture, 15 ans
    • Prélude en Ré majeur (En Sol majeur pour violoncelle BWV 1007) de Jean Sébastien Bach
    • Prélude no 6 en forme d’études de Claude Gagnon
  • Clovis Veilleux, 15 ans
    • Fantaisie de William Byrd (1543-1623)
    • Vals venezolano d’Antonio Lauro (1909-1986)
  • Maria Bourque, 16 ans
    • Prélude no 3 en forme d’études de Claude Gagnon
    • Épervière (Extrait de Bouquet du Québec) de Claude McKinnon


In 2021, the preliminary test will be in a virtual mode between April 1 and 15. The final context will be held Saturday, May 15, at Palais Montcalm, as a Web diffusion.

The contestants for the preliminary test are:

Class of de Julie Gosselin / Discovery section:

  • Paul Roth, 10 ans
    • Le lys de Claude McKinnon
  • Maria Mitric, 11 ans
    • Asturias de Isaac Albéniz / arr. de Marc Bélanger

Class of Claude Mckinnon / Regular section:

  • Yassine El Ouekdi, 9 ans
    • Écossaise de Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
    • Souvenir de Claude McKinnon

Annual general meeting

This meeting will be held via a Web conference plateform on :

            Wednesday December 9th 2020 at 7:30 PM.

Agenda (Sorry, in French only)

New Cancellations…

Concert/Guitar 2.0
Unfortunately, given the current context, November’s Concert/Guitar 2.0 will be canceled. The amount of people permitted in gatherings and a remarkable reduction in participants force us to cancel.

Members Report
The members report, a yearly retrospective, will not be published for the first time in our existance. Many activities of the SGCM have been suspended to comply with government guidelines.
Administration Council Meeting and General Meeting
The last council meeting and the upcoming general meeting will be held on the Zoom platform. The dates and times will be communicated shortly.
Guitar Friends
Even in the situation of a pandemic, we are still in need of Guitar Friends. We kindly invite you to fill the adhesion form, found here (in French).

Thank you for your support!
Arthur L. Ganhadeiro
President of the Administration Council of the SGCM

Cancellation of April 26th Concert/Guitar 2.0


Starting from March 12th 2020, Québec’s government ordered the cancellation, for a period of 30 days, of all indoor gatherings of 250+ people, or unnecessary gatherings.

Moreover, we received orders from Québec City administration that asks for closing indoor and outdoor equipment.

As an organizer, we are conforming to the government directives that aim at limiting the propagation of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a consequence, April’s guitar concert is canceled.

To follow the evolution of the situation, please refer to Québec City’s website regarding COVID-19.

Have a nice day,

Arthur L. Ganhadeiro,
President of the administration council of the Société de guitare Claude McKinnon

November 17th Concert 2019 / Guitar 2.0 videos

The videos from Novembre 17th Concert / Guitare 2.0 are now available on YouTube.

Congratulations to Émile Leblond-Beauchesne, 8 years old, from the class of Lise Lavoie: he is the winner of our scholarship of 250.00$.